«…Solo was played by the Croatian guitarist Petar Culic. Deft, nimble-fingered and with great variety in tone, he evoked delighful images of Spain…»

Christopher Smith, Eastern Daily Press (J. Rodrigo – Concierto de Aranjuez)

«…If we were only able to listen, and not to see, we would probably never say that such beautiful and mature interpretations are the works of such a young musician. The moment his music starts to flow, Čulić gets absorbed in another, imaginary world in which he loses himself completely. His gentle and refine musicality is actually a superstructure to the exemplary guitar school. Therefore, Petar’s musical development has to fill us with admiration…»

Tatjana Alajbeg, Slobodna Dalmacija

«…Besides the skilled techique, the precise rhythm and the articulated expression exhibited in the first few beats of the first part, our young guitarist also revealed a poetic note in his interpretation of Rodrigo’s composition, which left an extremely strong impression on the listeners. In that sense, we should also point out his musical phrasing in the second part of the concert, Adagio. He approahed the interpretation of this work with knowledge and careful planning, along with the orchestra which was a reliable partner, as well as a great contributor to a more intimate expression…»

Jelena Jovanović, Pobeda (J. Rodrigo – Concierto de Aranjuez)

«…The grand finale was Giuliani’s “Rossiniana”, where the fingers of Petar Čulić, masterfully intertwined with the strings and the neck of his instrument, become the whole orchestra. Afterwards he offered two encores to the delighted audience…»

Branimir Pofuk, Večernji list

«…During those 60 minutes of the concert, Petar was emitting charisma and it became absolutely clear why the most respectable music experts think he is one of the most prominent young guitar players in the world. It does not happen often that a musician possesses all the attributes of quality performing. By this concert, Petar displayed all the qualities necessary for being a top world musician: impressive technical skills, unbelievable musicality, excellent tone, remarkable artistic impression, maturity in introducing different historic periods, as well as the artist’s praiseworthy choice of the programme, which was diverse…»

Goran Pelaić, HRT

«…Petar Čulić’s guitar recital was a true revalation, even for those who know him well and follow his musical achievements with attention. The young guitarist has developed into an anchanting interpreter. He plays with comittment, freely and honestly, and his ideas follow one another in a clear and most logical way. The most noticable thing about his expression is its clearness – following the distinctly well-defined themes and their transformations filled with a string of crystal clear details is indeed an enjoyable experience. His innate musicality, which could be felt in his tonal expressions every since his early boyhood, finally shone through with unhidden, true artistic sensitivity…»

Tatjana Alajbeg, Slobodna Dalmacija

«…Petar Culic provided all the guitar and classical music lovers with a superior experience …»

Goran Pelaić, HRT

«…A unifying feature of the Croatian guitarists press quotes is a certain tendency towards comments on his stage demeanor. This might not appear to be worthy of note at first, after all its a critics prerogative to offer something in the way of a performers public persona, but those who have encountered Culic in person will have an idea of what this really means. The importance of such behaviour should not be underestimated since many fine players ignore this aspect of their performance to the detriment of their career. What perhaps assisted Culic on this occasion though was the home crowd who had come to hear him, evidence for which could be found in his seven encores. The Koblenz Guitar Academy graduate performed a programme of Sor, Ponce and Giuliani in addition to Henzes Drei tentos and Culics own work M: a title invented by the composer purely to create intrigue in the audience. The high viewing totals for M on You Tube suggest that Culic was on to something with this idea…»

Guy Traviss, Classical Guitar Magazine